The Collier County Junior Deputies League Inc. started in 1960 from the visions of then Sheriff E. A. Doug Hendry. The League works in cooperation with the Collier County Sheriff’s Office to provide programs and support to the youth of Collier County. As a result, our area youth will be better prepared to become responsible citizens of our community. With assistance of the Junior Deputy League, our area youth learn drug and alcohol resistance, crime prevention, first aid, firearms safety, land stewardship, self esteem, and respect for parents, teachers and law enforcement. These principles are taught through a variety of programs in a safe and fun environment.

The Program's concepts are to:

  1. Provide awareness in the many aspects of law enforcement.

  2. Teach Drug and Alcohol Resistance, First Aid, Firearms Safety, and land stewardship (consideration for our land).

  3. Teach self esteem and honor.

  4. Teach Respect for parents, teachers, and law enforcement.

  5. Provide weekend camp outings, fishing, and to build teamwork while having lots of fun.